Friday, June 5, 2015


This poem was inspired by a walk on a warm summer day. I was feeling anxious and uncertain about my future, but the beauty of the world around me reminded me of the truth: I don’t need to change the world to be valuable. I am already covered and enfolded by God’s grace.


Wind breathes on the trees, and they whisper of grace
In the warmth of the sunlight I feel Your embrace
Gracious Lord of all peace, You are here in this place
And I rest in Your merciful hand

I come here with wounds from the world and its lies
That taught me your love and Your gifts to despise
And yet You have heard my ungrateful heart’s cries
And You healed me and taught me to stand

I stumbled before Your throne, weary and sore
Despite all my striving, still utterly poor
Yet you heard my request, and You gave me far more
Though I never could meet Your demand

You’ve saved me from sin, but how slowly I learn!
I grab at hot coals, though I know that they burn
Yet always You call me; I hear and return
And I cling to my God’s nail-pierced hand

Spirit, breathe on my soul, and infuse me with grace
May I cease from all striving and trust Your embrace
May I walk in Your presence till I see Your face
And I rest in the true promised land

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