Friday, May 29, 2015

See Him Rise Above the Heavens: an ascension hymn

 See Him rise above the heavens, He who once from heaven came
Taking back His rightful glory, served by angels’ hands of flame
Perfect image of the Father, radiant glory once sent down
Now the angels bow before Him; now He wears the victor’s crown.

See the Lamb who made atonement, for His sinful creatures died
Raised to life, and now to glory, seated at the Father’s side.
No more sacrifice is needed; your redemption is complete.
Cleansed by Him you now can boldly stand before your Father’s seat.

See Him when, in times of sorrow, hope is hidden from your eyes,
When the world erupts in bloodshed; when you drown in fears and lies.
Know that He who loved and saved you holds the cosmos in His hand.
He will overcome this darkness. He will give you grace to stand.

See Him now; await His coming once for all, all things to claim.
He will speak, and sin will shatter. All will bow before His name.
Heaven and earth made new in beauty with His holy ones will sing:
“Jesus, Lord of earth and heaven, we adore You, Savior, King.”

Inspired largely by Hebrews 1