Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Shadow of Your Wings

My hatchling soul is thirsty for the rush
Of liberty beneath my tiny wings.
The bright blue beckons. As the breezes brush
Against my ear I hear a siren sing.
It bids me dive into the heights of blue
And rise to where my soul was born to be.
I will not wait. I know what I will do.
I leap and shout my triumph – I am free!

I beat my wings, but something has gone wrong.
My soul was born to sail upon the heights,
But I am young; my wings are not yet strong.
I flap; I flutter, flail with all my might,
But nothing I can do can make me fly.
I plunge beneath the ocean of the air,
And, seeing that I trusted in a lie,
I shatter on the rocks of rough despair.

Your shadow on my broken body falls.
I wish to hide my weakness from Your gaze,
But in Your voice, unbound compassion calls
To me. A fragile plea for help I raise.
Your mighty talons lift my shattered frame
And shelter me within Your mercy’s nest.
Though I am weak, you love me all the same.

In Your bright shadow I will wait and rest.

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