Monday, January 28, 2013

Mount Moriah

My Bible study has been reading Genesis, and last week we studied chapter 22, in which God called Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. Like any good father, Abraham loved his son deeply, and Isaac was also the promised son through whom God had promised Abraham an enduring legacy. That legacy would include the Messiah, which is why I refer to Isaac as the “child of hope.” However, the first two couplets could also refer to another “child of hope” whom I mention more explicitly at the end of this sonnet.

Mount Moriah
Would God demand as idols did of old
Youth’s priceless blood poured out in sacrifice?
The child of hope by heavenly voice foretold
Cut off from Earth by ceremony’s slice?
His servant flinched but faltered not in fear.
He rose beside pale light of trembling dawn
While stillness masked his sorrow’s silent tear,
Perplexed but trusting hope’s child would live on.
His trembling hand held up the awful knife.
Beneath its blade his bound beloved lay.
But then a word, a trade of life for life,
The boy was saved; grace shone in bright display,
An echo of far greater grace God gave
When His beloved Son He did not save.

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