Sunday, April 8, 2012

Resurrection Power

This poem is about spring and about hope. I wouldn't really describe it as an "Easter poem," but it does relate to Easter a little. It's focused mostly on the final resurrection when all of creation will be made new, and about how springtime points ahead to that event. Although this did not happen on that first Easter, the resurrection of Jesus was a promise. It showed that evil had been defeated, so we could have hope that we, like Christ would receive new life.

Resurrection Power

The buried bulbs burst forth in glorious flower
The secret seeds spring up to greet the sun
Each leaf, alive with resurrection power
Now quivers with delight at life begun.

They sing, “No more shall winds of winter threaten,
No more shall darkness dominate the day.
The power of death and emptiness is beaten.
New life has come and will not fade away.”

Each year the song rings out from all creation,
The theme which from the ancient past it’s known,
An echo of a future consummation,
A day when nature will no longer groan.

Rejoice, my soul, and join the joyful chorus
That blends all creatures’ voices into one.
Await the day when light will conquer darkness
And all on Earth spring up to greet the Son.

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